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Raising Up the Priesthood: Comprehensive Study Workbook

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The "Raising Up the Priesthood" workbook is a resource designed to complement the training videos of the equipping series. With a focus on empowering individuals for a purposeful ministry journey, this workbook spans eleven thought-provoking lessons, each delving into essential aspects of Christian life and service.

In summary, the "Raising Up the Priesthood" workbook is a comprehensive guide for individuals seeking to deepen their understanding of Christian ministry. With engaging lessons covering a spectrum of topics, this workbook, when used with the equipping series videos, provides a holistic approach to equipping and empowering believers for impactful and transformative service in the Kingdom of God.

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Book Chapters

Chapter 1: The Christian Believer's Ministry

a foundational lesson that explores the significance of individual ministry in the Christian faith. It sets the tone for the subsequent lessons and establishes a solid understanding of the believer's role in the broader context of spiritual leadership.

Chapter 2: Delegated Authority

is a compelling exploration into the concept of authority within the Christian framework. Understanding the source and implications of authority is crucial for effective ministry, and this lesson provides a comprehensive guide to navigating and exercising authority responsibly.

Chapter 3: The Christian Believer's Ministry Gifts

examines the gifts bestowed upon believers and emphasizes their role in fulfilling God's purpose. Participants are encouraged to identify and develop their unique gifts for a more impactful and fulfilling ministry.

Chapter 4: Understanding Church Administration

addresses the practical side of ministry, offering insights into the organizational aspects of running a church effectively. From managing resources to fostering a sense of community, this lesson equips participants with the basic knowledge needed for church administration.

Chapter 5: The Anointing

explores the divine empowerment that accompanies ministry. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the anointing's role in spiritual service and how to tap into this divine resource for impactful ministry.

Chapter 6: Spiritual Warfare

confronts the realities of spiritual battles, providing practical strategies for overcoming challenges and standing firm in faith. This crucial lesson empowers participants to navigate the spiritual realm with wisdom and discernment.

About the Author

Ekron Malcolm

An Author and Life Coach, who has dedicated more than 22 years to pastoral ministry, pastoral counselling, and the ministry of healing and deliverance. From a remarkably young age, at just 5 years old, he began his lifelong journey of faith and service, witnessing the awe-inspiring power of God firsthand.

As a seasoned pastor, Ekron has been at the forefront of guiding and shepherding congregations through the complexities of life, offering unwavering support, counsel, and spiritual guidance. His extensive experience in pastoral counselling has allowed him to touch the lives of countless individuals, providing a safe and compassionate space for healing, restoration and deliverance.

Ekron Malcolm has become a beacon of hope for those bound by the chains of fear. Through his Ministry, he has witnessed the profound transformation of hundreds of individuals who have found freedom from the suffocating grip of fear. This remarkable journey of empowering others to break free from fear has been a cornerstone of his life's work.